ship maintenance in malaysia

A guide about ship maintenance in Malaysia

It is normal for a ship to have problems when it has been sailing for a long time. Especially for cargo ships, which need to travel from one place to another for a long time to deliver cargo, various kinds of breakdowns and problems will occur over time, causing troubles to both the ship’s passengers and the ship’s drivers. Although some of these problems may seem minor, they can cumulatively threaten the life of a cargo ship over time. These problems often affect the delivery of cargo, resulting in a much higher chance of cargo loss or damage. In more serious cases, even the lives of the people on board the ship may be at risk. If you are looking for service of ship maintenance in Malaysia for business, you may contanct Altus Malaysia for more information. However, if you are looking forward to knowing more about ship maintenance in Malaysia, the following down article will tell you, what is ship maintenance, and why is it important for your business.

What is ship maintenance

Ship maintenance is a necessary preparation before a ship can travel safely. Workers need to regularly inspect, maintain and repair the hull structure and the electromechanical equipment inside the ship during its service life. This can extend the service life of the ship and improve the safety of the ship. Regular maintenance and repair can also reduce the chance of ship’s problems.

Ship maintenance can be divided into two aspects. The first aspect is to diagnose the fault when the equipment on the ship breaks down, analyze the reasons for its occurrence, and remove such faults to ensure the performance and efficiency of the ship. The second aspect is to maintain and renew the ship in the usual way to keep the ship in the best working condition at all times so that it can be used for a long time.

Types of ship maintenance

Annual maintenance: This type of maintenance is done about once every 1 to 2 years and must be done at the shipyard. This kind of routine maintenance includes clearing the dependent marine life, repainting the hull, inspecting the propeller and rudder, performing a lifting cylinder inspection on the main engine, etc. Along with the annual repair, the hull, safety, lifesaving, firefighting, lifting and power equipment are also inspected cosmetically, and defects are repaired. All these repairs are done so that the ship can have the technical conditions for safe navigation before the next voyage.

Inspection: This type of repair is carried out about once every four to six years. The repairs are more extensive and are also carried out in the shipyard. Generally, all the operational equipment of the ship is inspected, measured and tested at once, and the defects are repaired according to the results to ensure a longer service life of the ship.

Voyage repair: Before the annual repair or overhaul, the shipyard sends someone to the ship to assist the crew to troubleshoot temporary problems.

Accident repair: Repairing after a ship collision, grounding, fire, etc., in order to eliminate the damage caused by the accident.

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