Foundation in Science in Ireland

Foundation in Science in Ireland

RUMC is a combination of two schools that provide you with the best of both and now it is available in Malaysia for you to enrol. RUMC is RCSI & UDC Malaysia Campus in short, RUMC. This is a creation from both Royal University Surgeon in Ireland (RCSI) and University College Dublin (UDC) and to merge as one in Malaysia Campus and because of this merger we are able to have the best of both worlds. Since its inception, it has already been 25 years and many great doctors have graduated with medical degrees and are now practising in Malaysia as well as many other Countries. RUMC’s most unique course is its Foundation in Science in Ireland. Now you can enrol in Malaysia!

Foundation in Science is a very important course for you to be able to go into the medical field. Without the strong built foundation there won’t be a building on top. Similarly if there is no foundation being built then there will not be a strong career up ahead. Foundation is everything we need to be able to climb higher. With that being said, RUMC has the best Foundation course that offers students a pre-university pathway to enter into the medical scene.

Foundation in Science in Ireland

Foundation in Science from RUMC is a course that is very well known in Malaysia as well as Ireland and many other countries recognises this course and hence is the best in class and a very important and crucial way for you to enter the medical scene. It gives the students an opportunity to have great exposures to the real world experiences you can get. It also lets you have interactions with medical seniors that can share and impart knowledge to you. It also allows plenty of opportunity to interact with clinicians. After entering this 3 semester long course, you will be able to have basic knowledge of sciences and how to apply these knowledge that you have developed throughout the time in the course. You will also have the ability to engage in scientific topics to study and discuss and a full range of fundamental studies to prepare you into the medical scene. You will also learn and develop basic laboratory skills and have exposure to clinical and caregiver’s aspects in the real world. All these benefits you when the real world comes to you when you are working in the medical field in the future. 

When you enrol in the Foundation in Science you will be offered a take at the hostel accommodation for a fairly reasonable price at I-Santorini, Georgetown, Penang. It is only 15 mins away from the campus. It is also fully furnished and equipped with many various amenities such as water heaters, washing machine and kitchenette. Wifi and shuttle will also be provided between residence and campus for easy mobility to and fro.

RUMC’s Foundation in Science is truly a unique course to hone and enhance your skills as well as develop you for the future. The course that gives you the most and the best from both worlds is here!

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