Must-Have These Important Components in Gaming Computers

PC for Gaming

At the moment, people use PCs not only for work but also to play games. Even more so now, when games require a high-end PC, many of you probably want to build your own gaming PC.

Well, here’s the problem: there are still a lot of people who don’t really understand PCs or their parts, so they put them together from scratch in the hopes of being able to play games smoothly.

As a beginner, you might be wondering what the most important parts of a gaming computer are. Here are some of the most important parts.

Some of the parts that must be in a gaming computer are:


The name says it all: the motherboard is the computer’s “mother.” This part connects all of the other parts, like the processor and memory, to make a computer that we can use.

Because it plays such an important role, you need to get a good motherboard. Don’t let the motherboard you choose not work with the other parts that will make up your gaming computer.


A computer’s processor is like its brain. Without a processor, a computer won’t be able to do anything. Later, the processor will do different calculations that the computer can do and tell other parts what to do. The overall performance of your gaming computer will be better if you choose a better processor.

VGA (graphics card)

Well, this is the part that makes players sweat and get cold and nervous the most. Because the VGA, or Video Graphics Array, is a part that determines how well your computer can handle images or graphics. Even though VGA is very important for the performance of a gaming computer, you also need to pay attention to other parts to make sure they work well together.


Random-Access Memory, which is often called RAM, is the next important thing that a gaming computer must have. RAM is used to store data permanently, so data that needs to be used and processed will be stored in a place that the computer can use right away.

The more RAM a computer has, the more information it can process right away. So, the game computer will be able to carry out the different commands more quickly.


Most gamers haven’t paid much attention to storage, which is one of the parts. In fact, hard disk and SSD specs are one of the most important things that affect how well a computer works overall. You can choose storage for your assembled computer based on its capacity and how long it has been used.

Power Supply

Of course, the more complicated the parts you use, the more power you will need. Like its name says, the power supply gives your computer the power it needs. Don’t let you buy any more high-tech parts because the power supply you already have isn’t strong enough to handle them.

Drives for Optical

This part isn’t that important, especially if you haven’t bought a game in person in a long time. But if you still buy game DVDs or music CDs that you want to copy to your hard drive, you need an optical drive. Even so, you should choose DVD-RW or another optical device instead of Blu-ray.

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