Time fibre package from Jom Apply

Why You Should Subscribe To a Time Fibre Package From Jom Apply

Everyone knows how important it is for us to have a stable internet connection, whether it is for work or for your studies, having a stable and strong internet connection is beneficial for all of us. Since almost everything is connected to our internet, like our TVs, phones, laptops, and our gaming devices, it is almost impossible for a household not to have an internet connection. Therefore, if you are looking for a good internet provider, you should consider subscribing to the TIME Fibre Package From Jom Apply

TIME is known to be the best home fibre internet provider in Malaysia. Their company aims to provide the most comprehensive fibre network and provide their users with fast, reliable and secure broadband connections in their homes. Their services are also affordable so you can rest assured that you won’t break your bank to get the most excellent internet service to host your movie, gaming or just working hours uninterrupted. 

Whether you are planning on using TIME for your personal and home connections or if it’s for your business or enterprise location, it is definitely a good idea as their services are very stable and affordable for everyone. Make sure you keep reading the article to find out why you should make your switch over to TIME fibre internet provider. 

Best Value

TIME internet providers offer the best value for the highest speed of internet. Essentially, that means that everyone using TIME internet in their homes and offices will be getting a fast internet connection at an affordable price. Other than that, subscribing to a TIME Fibre Package from Jom Apply, you can also receive free equipment and rebates on selected packages. At the moment, you can enjoy their uninterrupted broadband services in any multi-dwelling units like condominiums and high-rise apartments in Klang Valley, Johor, Penang and Desa ParkCity. 

Fastest Speed

Gone are the days when you will have to wait for your videos to buffer with your slow internet connections. Now, with TIME broadband, you don’t have to wait for your videos and movies to buffer, you can enjoy the best speed of up to 1Gbps when you subscribe to their Home Fibre packages. They also use a completely 100% fibre network so that all their users can enjoy their stable internet connection at a high-speed rate. Apart from that, their Wi-Fi booster will also make sure that your signal is strong all across your home, so that you won’t have certain high-coverage areas in your home. 

Easy Upgrades

The process to upgrade your internet to TIME’s services is very simple. All you have to do is to terminate your contract with the existing broadband service you use (if you have any). Next, make sure that your contract is completely settled by checking for any penalties before terminating your existing contract, therefore make sure that all payments are settled before termination. Lastly, head down to JomApply to get started with TIME’s services! 

Reliable Support

Sometimes it is hard to get in contact with support teams whether it’s to help with your unstable internet connection or problems with your modem. If you use TIME internet providers, rest assured that getting in touch with their support team will not be a hassle. You can contact them at their hotlines or email. Other than that, it is easy for you to check your account from anywhere at any time. Login to access all your account information or even make payments with no hassle! 

As you can see, it is very simple for you to switch over to TIME broadband services. You should do this if you are looking for the best internet connection, as some condominiums and high rise apartments don’t have good and stable internet connections due to the connectivity and height. But rest assured that with TIME internet, you will be getting the strongest and most stable internet you can get out there. 

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